MAN TGX 18.440 4x2 BLS-EL

Consistently efficient

MAN TGX EfficientLine
Consistently efficient – for MAN, this means maximum cost-effectiveness and the greatest possible protection of our environment. In long-haul operations, the reduction of fuel consumption is the most important factor in lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The efficiency-optimised TGX EfficientLine semitrailer tractor demonstrates what is technically possible in this area: fuel-saving, innovative technologies and additional equipment result in a considerable cost reduction: EfficientLine saves up to 3 litres of fuel per 100 km – even when meeting EURO 6!

Optimum-efficiency semitrailer tractor for longhaul transport


Air Pressure Management (APM):■ The auxiliary power output of the engine is
reduced by the deactivatable air compressor
■ Fuel savings: approx. 0.5 l/100 km108/125
Optimised driveline:■ Lower auxiliary power requirement due to greater efficiency of the new alternator and lower power consumption of the MAN daytime driving lights
■ Fuel savings: approx. 0.26 l/100 km
Improved aerodynamics:■ Drag is reduced by aerodynamic cab optimisation (no sunblind or compressed-air horns), chassis side skirts and by setting the speed limiter to 85 km/h
■ Fuel savings: approx. 1.34 l/100 km
Rims (Dura Bright finish) and compressed-air tanks made of aluminium:■ The low kerb weight creates a double benefit, namely higher payload and lower fuel consumption
■ Fuel savings: approx. 0.1 l/100 km
Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM):■ Maintaining the correct tyre pressure prevents increased rolling resistance
■ Fuel savings: approx. 0.2 l/100 km compared with a tyre pressure 2 bar lower
Energy tyres:■ Material mix, tread and design of the Energy tyres reduce rolling resistance
■ Fuel savings: approx. 0.2 l/100 km

Technical description

Engine:D2676 Common Rail
■ Power output: 324 kW/440 hp
■ Maximum torque: 2,100 Nm at 930–1,400 rpm
■ Emission category: EURO 6
Gearbox:■ Automated gearshift system MAN TipMatic® with ZF Intarder (ZF 12 AS 2331 DD)
Frame/chassis:■ Leaf-air suspension
■ Hypoid drive axle
■ Aluminium fuel tank 500 l + 80 l AdBlue on right and 375 l on left
Cab:■ XLX cab 2,440 mm wide, 2,280 mm long, max. standing height inside almost 2 m
Body:■ JOST JSK 42 fifth-wheel coupling design height 150 mm with integrated lubrication and 40 mm fifth-wheel pick-up plate (system height 190 mm)
Weights (in kg) according to sales system:■ Gross weight rating 18,000
■ Gross train weight rating 44,000
■ Permitted axle loads FA 7,500, RA 11,500
■ Fifth-wheel coupling load 10,610